Autonomous Republic of Adjara
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25 Septembet 2020
At today's meeting the SEC defined the rules and dutied for th SEC represantatives.At the session,the commission will elect one representative in each majoritarian district by nominal voting.
23 Septembet 2020
The Law of Autotnomous Republic of Adjara “The Law of Elections of Autonomous Republic of Adjara” –defines the rules for nominating party lists for independently participating parties and election blocs. Every party and election bloc have a right to nominate their respective party lists. Party lists must include, at the very least, 18 to, no more than, 30 potential members of the Supreme Council.
17 Septembet 2020

The commission session was held at Supreme Election Commission on September 17. The commission adopted a decree on defining sequence number for electoral subjects. The sequence number of the electoral subject shall be determined no later than the 30th day before the E-day (October 1)
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